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What is Homeopathy?

Hahnemann, Christian Friedrich Samuel, M.D., 1755-1843 father of homeopathy.

In 1790, while working on a translation of William Cullen's Materia Medica, Doctor Hahnemann, unconvinced by Cullen’s theory that cinchona was aspecific for malaria because of its tonic action on the stomach, decided to take a small ‘herbal' dose of cinchona over several days to observe its effects.” Hahnemann acquired symptoms of the ‘poisoning effects; tropical fever, sweat etc.
This began his lifelong study of the principles of homeopathy. In 1796, Hahnemann published his Essay on a New Principle, detailing his work with the cinchona plant. Later, in 1810, his seminal work in the theory and practice of homeopathy, Organon of the Rational Art of Healing, was published.

The Law of Similars

The law of similars states that whatever would cause your symptoms, will also cure those same symptoms, but in homeopathic water dilutions; ‘ some claim water holds ‘a memory, but dry pellets or those pellets in water, it is the remedy that holds the memory of the ‘matter' it was created from, water dosing has the benefit of managing the person to cure with minimal aggravation during the cure.
Hahnemann states in A 74 “That all manner of disease have been artificially created by prolonged use of violent, ‘heroic’ drugs that inevitably create an iatrogenic disease, the vital force is progressively mistuned until complete exhaustion.”

"The Great Restorative” is how homeopathy has been described since its creation.